LOL These six champions were poorly stopped at 11 18 and will be improved in 11 19

While we barely have less than a week with the 11.18 patch, League of Legends began reporting numbers in relation to the Champions Modifications. In total, There were 33 characters with buffs, nerfs or adjustments in the current version, of which 27 seem to be in good condition. Unfortunately, there are six who need punctual adjustments for 11.19, the WorldS 2021 patch.

The information arrives via Jeevun Sidhu , chief game designer, who was what happened with 11.18. As we mentioned, it seems that the evidence did not have a negative impact on most characters. Until now, only six need the attention of the balance team, among which stand out Qiyana and Renekton . The first suffered from a bug in its main combo , which was already fixed with a microparch. In the case of Renekton, the community has already suspected that a bug , but its poor performance seems to respond to the professional metajame. The goal is that it is not dominant, but it is better in Soloq.

Buffs, Nerfs and balances confirmed for six champions

Next, we share the list of champions that must have changes in the 11.19 patch, which will come out on September 22.

Champion Age Comparison in Lore - League of Legends 2020
We must remember that the 11.18 patch is the first of two major changes before Worlds 2021 . Here you planned to experiment with some things, then adjust them for the start of the competition. In that sense, what we currently see falls on a possible stage, but it does not stop being annoying for single-players. Especially in the case of Renekton and Qiyana.

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