Fortnite launches the eighth season of its second chapter incubation

At the end-of-season event held yesterday today would take the launch of the eighth season of the second chapter of Fortnite. Entitled Incubation , this one should sign the great return of Kévin the cube, accompanied by a myriad of other cubes disseminated to the four corners of the island.

After the destruction of the extraterrestrial mother vessel in conclusion of Chapter 2: Season 7 of Fortnite , the players were able to discover the existence of thousands of cubes similar to the famous Kévin. These cubes fed the ship and spread all over the island, opening portals to the detours, from which monsters escaped. In concrete terms, it signs the return of creatures controlled by the IA that it will be to eliminate to avoid large damage. It is still unclear whether the elimination of these monsters will result in gains of lifestyles, shields or other bonuses, but they should undoubtedly put their grain of salt during the parties.

A new place will be trapped in the detours at each part, while anomalies will be able to suck the reckless players approaching a little too close. If it had to happen to you, it will then be necessary to get rid of the monsters populating the places to get their hands on new weapons and materials. Beware however: the gravity is zero and no construction is possible. Chests containing unpublished weapons – such as the detours rifle or the mini-gun of the detours – will be removed, and it will be possible to improve them using fragments of the detest monsters.


Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 | Trailer of history

The launch of this season 8 is obviously accompanied by a new combat pass, which can be acquired for 950 V-Bucks, while 1500 V-Bucks can be gleaned simply by playing. New outfits for Torinn, Carnage, Fabio Bellecrinière, J.B. Chimpanski, Charlotte, Kor and Poisecaille Cartoon are included in this new pass.


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