Warioware Get it together How to unlock character colors

Warioware: Get it together! Gives the players the opportunity to play as 18 characters from the franchise of the game. Since the character adjustment has become something that many people like in their games, they have just approved that. So they deserve colors to adapt their crew members to their wishes.

To unlock the colors of the crew members in Warioware: Get It Together!

To unlock additional colors to adjust your crew members, you have to rely on them. In each level, a new color is activated, which you can apply to the main, secondary and accent parts of a single character of its costume. However, the parts vary depending on the character.

A character like Wario will change the color of his clothes. In a character like Orbulon, however, the entire body changes. Each character has a unlockable color palette that consists of over 30 different possibilities. A new color is unlocked per level and character. Once you’ve brought Wario to Level 30, you must do so for other characters. Try to first prioritize the characters that you like, and then the rest.

On the way there will be special color preferences that have a topic like a very gold topic, zombie, rainbow effect, shady black, etc. You can not mix and adjust between the user-defined single colors and the preset special colors. Some of these special colors actually fit more than some things that do not normally fit. For example, the Wario Zombie Color Scheme colors his skin actually blue!

Recently I have published a guide on how to earn coins that are used as a means of purchasing consumable Prezzies . These Prezzies are consumables that enhance characters in Warioware: Get It Together Update! You can read this manual by clicking here.

Warioware: Get it together! is now available for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our instructions and a possible review for the game by following Attack of the Fanboy.

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