Which character is better for aggressive players

Crono is one of the most famous Free Fire eligible today. Before reducing their ability in OB27 updates, Character was very powerful, much for the disappointment of the players.

Moko and Dasha are both idle characters which are often not chosen by the players. This article compares the capabilities of these three to determine who is the best for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire.


This Character has an active ability named Time Turner, which helps players by making a force area for 3 seconds, which can prevent 600 damage from the enemies. The capacity also increases the speed of their movement 5%.

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Moko is a passive character in which hackers have a capacity called. From this, the gamers can tag those enemies that they have shot for two seconds. Character’s awakening Version is coming soon.


Dasha is a powerful passive character in Fire which has the ability to party. He helps to reduce the loss of 30% and reducing the time to recover from 60%. Recycel build-up and maximum recycel also decreases 6%.

Note: The capabilities of the outlined characters are at their minimum level. To get the best from your Character, the player can flatten them.

Which Free Fire Character is better for the aggressive gameplay?

When it comes to crono and condition, there is no match for Moko. Dasha despite being a powerful character, Crono is a better option for aggressive gameplay.

The force area not only prevents the losses from the enemies but also allows players to shoot from inside. Therefore, they can push their opponents without worrying about the loss. The main disadvantage of Krono was his cooldown time which was then moved when his Character OB27 was closed in updates.

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Disclaimer: Character selection is a personal decision, and giving a priority to the other completely depends on a person’s game style.

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