LOL This is how Riot plans to prevent soundage to come out of control in Soloq

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League of Legends True to Return a less boring character, looking for an interesting passive . Partially, he achieved it: she has more than 50% Win Rate along the single one, although the selection index of him may vary a bit. What it is probably not of the most popular characters in the metajuego corresponding to 11.18. But with that 50% of victories, he is already on a terrain where deserves a punctual nerf so that it does not dominate in qualifying queues or professional game.

Legends Of Aria Lost Its Vision
Looking at Patch 11.19, the WORLDS 2021 , Riot Games confirmed the series of settings that you will receive Sona. The catalogs such as NERF, under the following premise: Sona reached the limits to receive a nerf in play with skill; It is close in the average game and elite. We will throw a small buff next to a reversal, as well as an arrangement of errors. / nerf . And certainly is not a radical change , since it only takes into account the base statistics of the armor. The mentioned reversal has to do with the Hymn of Value (Q), while the error arrangement falls into the Celerity Song (E).

How are Nerfs A Sona? Complete list

They will not be changes that have a huge impact on first instance, but it may be difficult to get used again to Q. Why? Immediately we present the complete changes

All changes are foreseen to arrive in version 11.19 of League of Legends. It was talked about a possible nerf to the damage of the passive ability of Sona. Although Riot Captain agreed to add it , there is still no more information about it.

Adjustments to all champions are already on the PBE server. If you want to take a quick look, we invite you to read this publication.

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