Pok mon Go Raid Today with Vesprit The Best Conditions

Inpokémon Go starts today, on 15 September, a RAID hour with Vesprit. Other locations also with Tobututz and Self. We show you everything you need to know about the event, the best counter and shinys.

What is that for an event? Every Wednesday evening in Pokémon Go runs a RAID hour. The special feature of this type of event is that legendary raids start on almost all arenas in the game. So you have good chances of combating the legendary bosses.

Today, on 15 September, you will find Vesprit in the RAIDSTunde in Europe. In other places, Tobututz and Self appear.

RAID Hour with Vesprit – Best Condition + Shiny

When will it start? The RAIDSTunde starts at 18:00 and then ends usually at 19:00. Before starting, the dark RAID eggs appear in the arenas and terminate the soon started RAIDS.

What are the best counter? Vesprit belongs to the type of psycho and is thus weak against attacks of the types inappropriating, mind and even beetles. Below we show you some Pokémon, who support you at Raid against Vesprit well.

Giratina (original form) with dark claw and spikball
Skelabra with burden and spikball
Snibunna with standpaw and Schmarotzer
Mewtu with confusion or psychobling and spikball
Absolutely with stability and Finsteraura or more
Dog Mon with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
Trikephalo with Bite and Finstera
Despotar with bite and crunch
Gengar with dark claw or Schlecker and spikball
Yveltal with standpaw and Finstera
Pinsir with beetlebite and cross scissors
Scherox with anger blade and cross scissors

You can see more good attackers in our counter-guide for Vesprit, Tobututut and Self in Pokémon Go.

Can you catch Shiny Vesprit? Yes! You can now catch the shinys of the lake trio. For you, this RAIDSTunde can really become special if you find a dazzling specimen.

Worldwide RAIDs in Pokémon Go for Self and Tobutut

You can do that: If you have already caught enough about Vesprit and prefer to use the RAID lessons for self-help and Tobutut, then you can do that with leaven. This feature offers you the opportunity to be invited to a RAID from friends around the world and to play there without having to be near the arena.

How your worldwide friends finds SELFE and TOBUTUTE, we show you on Meinmmo.

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Are you playing with the RAIDSTunde today and which of the Pokémon from the Trio you want to catch you? Write us here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with the community. Maybe you will find other players who can invite you to Raids.

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