Pok mon Go Mesprit Raid Guide Best Condition for Mesprit Lake Trio Raid September 2021

The Lake Trio RAID hour will soon be in Pokemon Go Live and this guide will help you prepare for Mesprit during the one-hour window. You need a good trainer team and good counterpart to defeat Mesprit. This guide becomes exactly bumps that are the best counters to defeat Mesprit in Lake Trio Raid Hour. One thing that should be considered in this RAID is that it contains the Lake Trio and each appears in another location. MESPRIT will be found on 15 September 2021 from 18:00 local time until 19:00 local time in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

The best MESPRIT counter in September 2021

If you want to come to the point with MESPRIT. Below you will find the meter table, which explains everything you need to know to win this fight. Our best counterattacks do not contain mega, legendary and shadow pokémon. These mega, legendary and shadow-pokémon could possibly be even better counterattacks than those listed here.

Pokémon | Fast attack | Charged attack
— | — |-
Chandelier | Verhex | Shadowball
Weavile | Growlish | Foul
Hydregon | Bite | Dark pulse
Gengar | Shadow Claw | Shadowball
Tyranitar | Bite | crunch
Houndoom | Growlish | Foul

Alternative counter-Pokémon against Mesprit

These alternatives can also use you to Mesprit. counteract

To the crocodile

How many coaches do you need to defeat Mesprit?

To defeat Mesprit, 3 coaches with good Pokémon should be needed to have good play brands. Most players are not on or about level 40 and have no such solid teams, so we recommend at least four players if they do not want to try their luck.

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