WoW Sylvanas Windl ufer Guide

In the final battle of the new WoW-Raid Sanctum of the rule against Sylvana’s wind runners, you expect a tens of phases and much more skills. We introduce you to the most important mechanics of the battle in our guide.

WOW: Sylvanas Wind Runner – Short Guide

Campfighters remain at position when Sylvanas looks like a wind runner.
Heartans The forest runner makes a lot of damage, uses a defensive cooldown for the destination.
Removes the bleeding of compliant arrow by rule chains . Destroy the chains as fast as possible.
Deviates the different surface attacks.
Distributes yourself in the interruption phase and leave the health of any player in the basement.
Tracks Sylvanas in Phase 2, while your wave of the visitation dodged ruin interrechated and the adds blind.
If the laughs of spell the Banshee as far as possible. Flees platforms on which Sylvanas appears .

What does Sylvanas in the quiver?

First of all, if Sylvanas jumps back and forth through windmen, you can continue to cause damage from your original position. Your hitbox remains at the place of origin. Tanks, the plague arrow remove from the RAID to keep the group damage small. Tank number 2 grabs the boss. Also on tanks is heartpicker of the forest runner , which causes high damage and leaves a dot. Uses Defensive Cooldowns.

Again and again players start a stackable bleeding without expiration date through . You can remove the dot through rule chains . However, these cause damage to the chained players and draw them to them. If you approach the chains up to four meters, you will find deadly damage (only Heroic). The chains must be destroyed as soon as possible. If you still avoid the desecrated shot and veil of darkness and Schattendolch drows away, you are ready for the first intermediate phase.
Wow: The rule chains bind the next best player to themselves. Source: Runner


When Sylvanas reaches 80 percent of their lifestyles, she chains all players with rule chains (destroys the chains!) As they hurl parts of Torghast on them (dodging!). In addition, a Bansheeheulen , which causes RAID damage (the lower the health, the more damage) and players interrupts for six seconds. Distribute yourself and keep your health up. You can not harm Sylvanas anyway.

Phase 2: The Bansheek├Ânigin

In this phase, you still have it with veils of darkness , shadow molding , scalding fire and Bansheuelen , while your Sylvanas is pursuing on chains. If she works ruin, you have to reach you quickly and interrupt the deadly attack. If possible, it avoids to be taken from the wave of the visitation , which pushes you away and occupied with a stackable dot, the shadow damage caused. Incidentally, you can still cause no damage to Sylvanas.

Instead, set up your offensive force to the armed forces of the Chairman. Fits mainly on the Goliathe, which thanks anger must be suscepted by the tanks, and on the sensor’s judge, which distributes a very disgusted debuff on players with crushing fear . Complets the judge as fast as possible, is distributed and removes the debuff when he ticks too hard (even if he ends up with another player). Incidentally, all adds still have an additional ability to have an additional ability to ignite a dispellable curse or additional raid damage due to .
Wow: out of the dark leader – that goes for all phases. Source: Runner

Phase 3: Frame

After a renewed change of local change, you now land in a multi-platform area, between which you can change back and forth. Veil of the dark , CLAINING ARROW from phase 1 and Schattendolch are again on board. The Bansheeheulen is now a shriek that brings affected characters to silence four seconds, instead of interrupting them.

New is in this phase of the stackable debuff spelled the Banshee , which is caused per second shadow damage and stored on the floor at removal as a shadow litter. Anyone who runs over this pool sucks them up and starts spell the Banshee . Laugh but also causes spare parts by the Salven attack. Bann of the Banshee again lands through heartpicker of the Banshee on the tank. Anger of the Banshee (heroic only) distributes the debuff even across the raid and causes high damage, depending on the stacks of the ban. If possible, laugh at the outer edges of the platforms.

Again and again Sylvanas seems to destroy to destroy the transition between two platforms. Objectives within 30 meters catch a high damage, and the attack leaves a desecrated area that causes shadow damage. Now puts as many laugh as possible in the affected area and then quickly switches to another platform. So you expect a race on time, as your Sylvanas must defeat before the place for the fight goes out.

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