Wow TCTC Classic Shirtanel Transporter

Shortly after the release of the second phase of WOW TBC Classic, the developers have to switch off the so-called Shartuul transporter event. Obviously, there is a bug that has made a temporary shutdown required.

A fix is ​​already in progress

The Shartuul Transporter Event is a special event in Schergrat. In order to unlock the event, you must first complete the quest Banned the Demons at the Oger Kronk at 29/58 in Ogri la . Then you will receive the daily task Beans more demons , which virtually represents a repetition of the first quest.

As a reward, you will receive the Bag Kronks Grabbelsack, which contains a dark rune with a certain probability. This Rune restarts another quest for which she then gets a crystal-deforested dark rune. This Rune again begins the Shartuun transporter event. During the event, your demonic servant controls in solo vapors and captivates a series of epic armaments as well as call at Ogri la.

But this event can not be started. The developers write in the official Hotfix blog to WOW TBC Classic that they are already working on a solution to the problem that should be available in a few days. What exactly the bow consists remains open.

But so far, however, very few players should be able to access the event anyway, because they must first have achieved a benevolent reputation at the Ogri la-Oger faction in the Schergrat. However, the faction has only been available since the release of Phase 2 in the game, which is why the majority of characters still be busy with the Rufgrind.

Shartuul's Transporter

Source: Wowhead

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