World of Warcraft The most best DPS classes in mythic

It is time again to throw a closer look at the current ranking of the best DPS classes in the Mythic Raid of World of Warcraft. Thus, she knows exactly, with which character class you can at least theoretically cause most harm in the raid Sanctum of Rule .

In the top spot, with the windmen monk still stands a melee class, which is a welcome variety compared to the rankings a few months ago. On the ranks behind it has done a lot. The off-witch champion has lost something to ground, according to this is now the elementary shaman in second place, followed by the weapon warrior. In any case, the ranking does not seem to be so stuck.

Also in the lower part of the ranking, some movement has come. Although the reinforcing shaman still forms the final light. But especially the survival hunter could make a decent jump forward. In return, the Unholy Death Knight and the Destruction Hexamine fell slightly further. Considering when viewing the ranking, however, that this is merely a snapshot. Updates and hotfixes can change the order at any time. Here is the current overview:

1st wind runner monk
2. Elementary shaman
3. Weapon Warrior
4. Baby witch champion
5. Balance Druid
6. Furor warrior
7. Demonology witcher
8. Deception rogue
9. Fire Magician
10. Frost Death Knight
11. Retribution Paladin
12. Trafficking Hunter
13th Arcane Mage
14. Legalness Rogue
15. Damage Demon Hunters
16. Mucheln rogue
17th wildness druid
18. Shadow Priest
19. Frost magician
20. Survival Hunter
21. Animal Rule Hunter
22. Unholy Death Knight
23. Destructive witch champion
24. reinforcing shaman


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We show the current ranking of the DPS classes from World of Warcraft. (2) [Source: Blizzard]

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