Closers hand out ready characters from 85 lvl

[ElswordKR] Re:Wind Character Jumping Event Livestream
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to all players who do not want to expel. Closers (online) returned with Jumping Event, which allows you to easily advance to 85 lvl. Unfortunately, or stets, this is a offer directed only to new users. You do a new figure, scrap Jumping Ticket (picture below), you use it – Voila. Your hero or heroine automatically promotes 85 lvl. Of course, together with a high level of experience, you will receive a packet of equipment for a given class, special outfits and a mixture stock. Jumping Character Event will start after tomorrow, September 23 and will last until November 3. Details here . CLOSERS is a very praised instance of MMO, which boasts a spectacular fight (this is a truth) and an epic plot. In the game, we must defend the earth from the monsters from another dimension. Sounds a bit cliché, but it s probably not a problem.

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