NEW WORLD The best graphic settings for optimal performance

The release of New Word is imminent. But which graphics settings are worthwhile the most? MeinMMO introduces you optimal graphics settings for New World.

On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, the release of the MMORPGS New World is. Just before the launch, New World continues to dominate the MMORPGS.

And also New World offers you a bunch of various settings and options in the menus that you can use to hire your game after your mood. But how do you actually get the best performance from his hardware?

We from MeinmMo provide you with the optimal graphics settings that you should use to start New World. We are based on the best possible performance. It is also a recommendation and you can naturally adapt the attitude to your preferences.

Basically, however, it does not require a GeForce RTX 3080 and no high-end processor if your New World wanted to play reasonably:

The optimal graphics settings for the best performance

Which settings have the greatest impact? In particular, effect details and shadow details have a strong impact on performance.

The number of player name signs can also be significantly affected by your pictures per second. If you have a not very powerful processor with less than 4 cores, then you should set the number of name signs to minimum.

We recommend that you play the game in Full HD (1920 × 1080), but you can get better performance and more fps if your resolution is reduced.

Which settings have little effects? Both lighting details and postprocessing have no strong impact on your frame rate. Here you can leave the settings too high if you want a better performance.

That s why you should limit the FPS: Players complained that New World should break their hardware. For this reason, the developers had built a FPS limiter in the menu. We would continue to advise you to limit your FPS. This allows you to prevent your graphics card from being heavily overloaded.

Here, however, you have to test yourself how high you want to set the maximum. It is best to check the temperature of your graphics card with an external program such as hardware monitor.

Tip: The small, free program HardwareMonitor gets you directly from the manufacturer on its website (via CPUID.COM). With the software you get a good overview of the temperatures and installed fans in your computer.

The optimal graphics settings for New World:

Do I have to use exactly these settings? No, you do not have to. Of course, it is left to you how your New World will play.

After the initial problems with different graphics cards, we would still advise you to limit the FPS in the game at least to start. If you prefer to go safely, before breaking your graphics card. Because in the current situation where your graphics cards can buy for thousands of euros on eBay, you do not want to replace a broken GPU for expensive money.

You need it when you want to play New World

How big is the New World Download? The client of New World, which you can download via Steam, is 37.5 GB.

The system requirements at a glance:

Incidentally, all the basic information about the release of New World is found in our overview here on Meinmmo. Here we imagine everything you need to know about the release of the new MMORPG.

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