Top 3 Free Fire Character combination to win more matches in Season 23

As most players know, the characters of Free Fire have different capacities / powers that significantly affect their performance on the battlefield. In addition, there are skill slots in each Character, which can be purchased with gold or diamond.

Later, they can fill those slots with the capabilities of other characters, eventually make Character combinations. Having a proper set of skills can get such players who want to move forward a big advantage.

Disclaimer: To provide more possibilities to killers, this list has not been repeated to any Character. Players can mix and match combinations in line with their game style. In addition, the skills listed below are the highest level of each character.

Ranking Season 23 List of three best Character combinations in Free Fire

Here are the best free Fire Character combination:

3) Crono + Hit + Shirou + Dasha

Krono: Time Turner

Brown: Falcon Ferrator

Shirou: damaged

Condition: Party

Chrono s ability produces a force area, which provides players cover and prevents 600 damage from enemies. It increases the speed up to 15%. After the time turner activation runs for 8-second duration and 170-second Coldwown.

In Maro s Falcon Fervor, damage with distance increases 25%, and the damage to marked opponents increases 3.5 percent.

With Damage Deliver, an opponent is tagged for 6 seconds within 80 meters if they kill the user. The first shot on the marked enemy is 100% increased armor penetration, as well, there is a cooldown period of 20 seconds on this skill.

Dasha s ability provides various benefits, including a decrease in a decline of 50% and the increase of 80% in the time of restoration. In addition, the capacity reduces the repetition rate and maximum recurrence up to 10%.

2) + Miguel + Luketa + Joseph

A: Master of all

Miguel: Crazy murderer

Lukeweta: Hat-trick

Joseph: Natty Movement

There are two ways of the ability of Ju-Jitsu and Psychology. In colleagues, Jeu-Jitsu, EP conversion has increased by 500%. On the contrary, up to 150 in psychology mode, 2 EP is retrieved every 2 seconds.

The maximum EP of the players has also been increased 50, and the mode change is 3-second s coldown.

Miguel s ability is supplemented, and it restores 80 EPs with each kill, which can convert it to HP faster by using Ju-Jitance mode.

On the other hand, the Hat Trick extends maximum HP up to 25, up to 50 HP. Therefore, players will have maximum 250 health after two pieces.

When the player raises a total of 20%, Joseph s NTI enhances movement and sprinting speed.

1) Alok + D-B + Jota + Moko

Alok: Start playing

D-Bee: Bullet Beats

Who: Continuous Raid

Moko: Hacker s eye

Start playing Alok s ability, and it creates 5m aura which restores 5 HP for 10 seconds. In addition, it also provides a growth of 15% in speed.

D-B s bullet beats while firing while firing, the speed of the movement increases up to 15% and up to 35%.

If the players are equipped with Jota, they will be getting HP on killing the enemy. Apart from this, if they kill an enemy, their HP gets restored 20 percent.

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In the capacity of Moko, the enemies are marked for five seconds after hit. Also, the information of the enemy is also given to the associate parties. Additionally, if the users have a Moco s ungaded variant, then they will benefit from its skills.

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