How to get free strong rewards in Rocket League Llama

To celebrate Rocket League Free on the Epic Games Store, there will be something of a Crossover event called Llama-Rama. Free rewards for Fortnite and Rocket League can be obtained during the event.

When the LLAMA-RAMA event takes place?

For the moment, the details are actually quite thin in the field, but it seems that it will take place on weekends after Rocket League will be free to play. This could mean that it starts on Friday, September 25th.

What kind of free rewards can I get?

For the moment, we honestly have no idea if you get some rewards for Rocket League and Fortnite. This was a somewhat uneven announcement, where the Twitter Fortnite account has just mentioned the same without going into the details. A quick glance at the Rocket League website shows a similar lack of details.

For the moment, we assume that a certain form of limited time mode will be active in Rocket League for the weekend, but it s a complete assumption. This is a good way for EPIC to present its fans basis cooked in Fortnite at the last free game that will be available on Epic Games Store.

We will update this article with all the details as soon as Epic and Psyonix make them available.

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