Wow TBC Classic will be a walk

Whether molten core, Pechschwingenhort, AQ 40 or Naxxramas: The RAID instances of WOW CLASSIC came – from today s perspective – well feasible. Although there was well guilds, those who had their problems here and there, but a large part of the communities were pretty successful through the content. So successful that Blizzard wants to figure the RAIDs with the season of the championship much heavier .

A comparable assessment gave many players in the run-up to the publication of WOW (Buy Now 14.99 €): Burning Crusade Classic: The boss fights and their mechanics are a joke from today s perspective, which will be a walk! – Such statements read and we heard again and again. And indeed, the RAID instances of Phase 1 still gave up. Karazhan, Gruul s shelter and himself so farmeridons chamber were quickly defeated and could be framed by many guilds within one evening. Even random groups formed quickly for these raids.

With Phase 2, however, the picture looks completely different. For more than three IDs, we may now visit the cave of the snake scrit and the eye in the fortress of storms, and if we look at the statistics on WarcraftLogs, then we determine:

Only 3,045 out of 16,417 RAID groups counted on Warcraftlogs, the end bosses Lady Vashj and Kael thas have been able to conquer.
Most guilds are so far at 8 out of 10 bosses (4.950), so (in most cases) have defeated all bosses except for the two end opponents.
Almost 5,000 communities were able to how only 4 to 7 bosses.

World of Warcraft - Molten Core Bosses - Classic Raid Instance
A big problem is likely to be for many communities that they are now no longer too far with their one to two RAID evenings from Phase 1. Even with three RAID evenings, each with three hours each one, you have to render yourself as average creature to safely rewind eight out of ten bosses and then add enough pulls to one of the end bosses. And that s exactly what they need to finally defeat Lady Vashj and Kael thas.

How is it currently running with you in the TBC Classic Guild? Could you already lay one or both end bosses? Track us in the comments!

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