Destiny 2 Guide to Halloween Event 2021 How to find your home looking sectors

Yesterday, Indestiny 2 started the festival of the lost 2021. There are many similarities at last year, but also some refined changes. Meinmmo tells you where to find the home-looking sectors and how to quickly come to sweets.

Destiny 2 has refreshed his already a slightly dusty Halloween event 2021. The festival of the lost 2021 received not only a new event location, but also a new weapon and Dino armor donated. However, what many players found particularly good is the shortcut with the seasonal story.

The seasonal story continues with the Halloween event 2021:

Savathun revealed crow his true identity, whereupon he has fled to Venus
He has left his mind Glint alone and ignorant. Glint makes great worries.
As a distraction he has started a small research project. He is looking for Eva Levante headless.
The quest series of this year s events is therefore also forgotten yet .

How does the festival of the lost 2021 work?

So that you can participate in the festival of the lost, you must first stop by Eva Levante, our favorite Space-Omi, in the tower. It is your contact person during the event and also offers you the event masks, different rewards as well as the daily changing prey features.

As always, you can only attend and collect sweets if you are one of the scary masks. The mask automatically gets you from Eva and then the small quest series, the bungie announced:

An exo and a Vex spirit are to something … new fused, a guardian on Nessus is hunted because someone has apart on his mind, and headless beings sneak through the gloomy gorges of the moon.

Teasert Bungie to Halloween Event 2021

As long as the event is active: From October 12 to 2 November 2021 you can participate in Destiny 2 at the event and get various rewards and triumphs.

Here you find the new home-looking sectors

So that you can enter the home-looking sectors at all, you must first do the first quest for Fort but not forgotten .

For this you start any playlist activity. We recommend Gambit, because there is this week in Destiny 2 duplicate rugnigence ranks. A heroic public event is also sufficient.

As soon as you have done that, you have to go back to Eva Levante. Redets with her and from then the home-looking sectors playlist is available. You can select them directly via the map in the tower. There are a total of three different sectors that are in the rotation. The playlist also grants top equipment if you have defeated 30 headless.

This awaits you in the home-looking sectors: In the home-looking sectors you have to put the headless . They sneak through the gloomy gorges of the moon. In each of the home searched sectors, scary decoration awaits you and a challenging event with time limit.

So you play the event in the home-looking sectors

Sets your Festival of the Lost mask, otherwise you do not get sweets
The home-looking sectors have a game search (1-3 player)
Struggles through the sector until you reach the area with the evidence rituals
The ritual places will be active every few seconds (A, B, C and D)
Take the ritual square and conjures up the headless, a miniboss
For every headless Miniboss you defeated, a spectral page transforms into a manifested page
At the end of the event, a Lootkiste awaits you

If you visit the home-looking sectors speaks crow spirit glint with you about radio. This again shows that Bungie actually creates greater value to link the Story of Destiny 2 with all activities, including events. With the exact plans of Bungie we have already dealt with this article:

Spectrical pages, manifested pages and lore collect

Back in the tower you can engage your manifested pages in the Book of Forgotten . The book then reveals a captivating story.

Spectral pages you will receive by concluding different activities while you carry the Festival of Lost mask
There are a total of 27 manifested pages, which is 1 lore entry for the stories of forgetting .
The cost of purchasing a Lore will increase over time (1-9 manifested page)
Possible we learn more about the seasonal story in these small stories

NOTES: The note All spectral pages manifested appears on your HUD if all your purchased spectral pages have already been converted into manifested pages. So that you can continue to convert new pages, you must first collect spectral pages.

For collecting your triumph rewards gets :

HEADING FIX TRIUMPH (half of all pages revealed)
Reward with an event badge
Victory gloss triumph (all pages revealed)
Reward with the shader headless coloration

The more pages and thus entries you revealed in the Lore, the higher your chances of getting weapon rewards from the chest of home-looking sectors. This includes the drop chance for all three event weapons.

So you quickly play many sweets

Suitable for farming sweets are playlist activities, such as vehut strikes, gambit or crucible. Basically, the more opponents you kill, the more sweets there are.

Here you get especially many sweets: However, public events have turned out to be particularly effective in which many opponents spawn. They are like that the bags were full of candies to stuff.

Moon , Port of worries: The event there is as an escalation protocol 2.0. Over several waves, opponents spawn and let it fall so tons of sweets.
Dreaming city, shore: plays the public event in heroic there.

That s why you do not have to pick up all sweets: If you do not manage to pick up all sweets – do not worry. This takes over the wiped Sweeter bot of Destiny 2 for you. He sends you all not collected sweets to Kadi s post office in the tower, where you only need to pick up.

These topics are currently employing De Destiny 2 Community:

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You earn additional sweet stools daily: On the two trees in the tower are still sweets during the event. The trees have different levels on which you can climb and jump. The higher you come, the more sweets jump out for you. The sweets can be retrieved after each weekly reset until the event ends on 2 November.

These weapons can you earn during the event

Maybe players still remember the impetus rifle TannengrĂ¼n ? Bungie has revised this weapon for the event and given her a chic Dino look. Suitable for the new event armor.

However, the event weapon great green is no longer a kinetic weapon, but a solar pulse rifle. You only get it during the annual Halloween event 2021 in this new edition.

During the quest, her primeval green from Eva Levante as a reward
All weapons also drop randomly as a reward from the Lootkists in the home-looking sectors
(The drop chance here is rather mediocre than good)
You also randomly get all the weapons from the wound bags you can buy at Eva Levante

But also the automatic rifles Grusel History and Braytech-Werwolf , from past Halloween events are still in the event Lootpool. If you are missing here a good roll, you can chase them as well.

The event feeders and where you get them

The festival armor in the Dino style you have chosen are available as universal ornaments to the festival of the lost 2021 in the eversever.

The hunter is the dashed robo velociraptor, agile, agile and snappy.
The Warlock a triceratops, which takes his opponents to the horns
The titan gets the dangerous T-Rex. Casual similarities with short-distance melee attacks of titan and T-Rex poor are purely random.

This costs the armor: Each set costs either 6,000 gloss dust or corresponding to 1,500 silver.

Cool event cosmetics of course you also get

In addition to the scary event masks, with which you can run around as chicken or with a giant pumpkin head, there is new and old grusel emotes, exotic ships as well as shader this year. This allows you to complete your scary beautiful collection or scare other keepers in the tower.

The players loves the players at the moment: Currently the Honk Moon , to German Geese Moon mask in the community is especially in demand. But the spinning Sparrow Reinchchreck is really good at the players. It is the first Sparrow who is nothing for arachnophobics because he is eight legs and hair.

What do I do with the ascendant lens?

Just a year ago, to the festival of the lost 2020, Bungie sent the players to a small MiniQuest. As a reward, a mysterious ascendant lens received in Spider. Nobody knew exactly what she is good for – but whoever stored it is rewarded.

So you get the reward for your ascendant lens:

Selects the H.E.L.M. and goes to awakening wing
Speak there with Queen Mara
It exchanges your ascendant lens into an epic wound bag from the event
Include improvement prisms, three times the pulse rifle primeval green and a pair of spectral pages

Have you already inspired in the event? Try it quietly and tell us how you have the hit sectors and the connection to the seasonal story. Nobody will tell you the head. – Or? Fun aside – the worst thing that can happen is that you are back to the tower with a cargo new cosmetics on an exotic sparrow.

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