FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts is started with players who are getting better and better

Infifa 22 starts today, on October 15, the new Road to the Knockouts . We show you the team 1 and what you can expect in the new event to Champions League & Co..

When does the event start? In FIFA 22, there is a new charging screen announcing the start of Road to the Knockouts for October 15, 19:00. Thus, the new event falls in the usual time slot.

What s in the event? With Road to the Knockouts , this is a new event, which brings some things to know the FIFA fans longer.

There are different special cards that land on Friday night in packs and thus turn the OTW team 2. In addition, there should be new weekly goals and SBCs to start the event as usual.

What special cards stuck in the event, we look at here more closely.

Road to the Knockouts – Team 1 with dynamic maps

This is Team 1 of Road to the Knockouts: Here you can see the first RTTK team of the event.

What special cards are that? Already in the past there was the road to … events, except that they were still road to the final in FIFA 21.

There, so-called dynamic maps in the game landed: They could grow better and better when the player s real team in the Champions League or Europa League reached certain milestones. The RTTF events were always quite popular because they had a direct bond to real football. This could also affect crazy football games on the transfer market.

Also, the new cards will provide such a feature. There are two upgrade possibilities:

On the one hand, the cards will be better if the players qualify for the K.O. phase in their respective tournament.
On the other hand, there are upgrades for 3 victories within the next 4 group phases matches.

New tournament on board: The charging screen currently shows three different card types that resemble the old road-to-the-final card (RTTF) from the design.

The first type of card is dedicated to the Champions League
The second belongs to the Europa League
The third map type is to be assigned to the Conference League , the FIFA 22 also licensed

The Conference League is a new European tournament that takes place this season for the first time. From Germany, Union Berlin is here this year – possibly that there is a special card here.

As soon as there is more information about the event, this article is supplemented. We will keep you up to date!

When the event starts on Friday, the new Weekend League will be in full swing. Tips for more victories in Fut Champions can be found here.

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