Wow Blizzard Announces Character Transfer

Who currently wants to transfect a character from World of Warcraft from a server to another Realm pays 25 euros, per character transfer. Players who have been there for a while, however, often not only have an avatar, but equal to a whole regiment, which is best supported each other in the occupations. For two, three, four character transfer bookings, the price shoots quickly.

The good news: In the official World of Warcraft s official forum, community manager KAivax announced a few hours of character transfer packages, with which players can bring several characters of an account to a new realm at a reduced price. In the announcement it is concrete:

In an upcoming update for World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €) and the shop in the game we will start to offer packages for character transfers at a reduced price. With these packages, players with a single purchase can choose several characters of the same account and transfer together to a destination realm.

We have a very accurate availability and prize of character transfers for a long time, so that the realm s strong communities can develop and players have the opportunity to change the realm. We will soon publish information about availability date, sizes and prices of these packages.

Thanks very much.

Once the character transfer packages are available and there are accurate information about the price of the packages, we update this message for you.

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