New World Character transfer is available but under what conditions

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Character Transfer will be available from 12: 30 tonight in New World. After several weeks of development, players can already embark on a new adventure at another server , but there are some things to consider before continuing with the transfer although luckily they will not completely influence our adventure in this developed MMO by Amazon Games.

How to transfer my character to another server

Before you begin, it is important that you Choose with head the server you want to join. To make the right decision, find out before the servers that are available, as some may be full and others do not. For this, the developers have implemented a tool that will allow you to know the population of the servers in real time.

After this step, path to be followed to change server is as follows:

You must Log in in your character.
There will be a new tab at the game of the game to use your character transfer tab.
You will have to leave your company.
You must withdraw your purchase orders and sale active.
Your character must be in a sanctuary , and be a settlement or advanced position.

In what conditions can I transfer my character?

There are no special conditions When we want to change server, apart from leaving our company, withdraw all the items for sale at the auction house and be in a city or an advanced position in the different NEW Worlds Areas. The restrictions are very small , since they are useful details to allow the transfer of our character.

We can not transfer our character to a world that is full.
We can not transfer our character to a world that is in maintenance.
We can not transfer our character to a world in which we already have another character.

What elements do we keep during the transfer?

New World: Hands-On With Amazon's Open-World MMORPG
The developers have informed the players that the R Ecourses, houses and other ornaments will join to us during the transfer:

We will maintain all the progress of our character (level, domain of weapons, titles, etc.).
We will maintain our alliance of factions and our progress.
We will maintain our inventory and storage.
We will keep all the changes.
We will preserve our households and their respective decoration.
We will maintain the progress of our missions.

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