A little H Beautiful Girl Game Manufacturer Announces a new new work including Yaman character design Brand independence

Art Annf and Qureate announced the establishment of a brand independent subsidiary and announced five new titles.

What was published this time is a total of 5 works that include the works that Mr. Yaman and Akasa Ai, and the Japanese Waste are the character design. Among them, not only the work of adventure game format, but also the Logite Tower Defense and the 3D Model, and the Rhythm Game Project, etc., all of the title game projects, etc. Detailed information on each title is Please wait for the breast or Nani with the expectation and you are looking forward to it! .

New title list

NINNINDAYS2 2021 winter release (character design: Akasa Aya)

OH! Nanado 2022 release (Character Design: Yaman )

Duel Princess 2022 initial release (Character design: Oxale)

Norosom Chimino Mirai 2022 spring release (Character design: Moriizawa Sun)

Rhythm game project

In addition, Qureate, which was an art-an ano-ob, has produced a beautiful girl game such as the Sexttets series, waste , and not good , but this time is announced. Establishes a subsidiary specialized for selling as QUREATE, Inc. inherits the contents of Qureate.

Works other than Qureate s new rhythm game project are scheduled to be delivered for PC (STeam) / Nintendose switch.

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