Rolling Cup 4 River Memorial McDonald s LCK Support Pack

2021 League of Legend Champions Korea (LCK) official sponsor Korea McDonald s announced the release of the Delivery Pack LCK cheering pack for the first person in the same configuration.

The LCK cheering pack, which is released, is a specially distributed deal to commemorate the entry of international stage of international teams. Big Mac Set, Egg Bulgogi Burger, McNau Gaget, 4 pieces, Oreo McFurli and LCK Collaborator T-shirt. It is expected to provide a more special experience for fans who are more likely to enjoy the popular Burger and side menus and desserts at a time to enjoy a single-fashioned article.

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The LCK cheer pack is limited to 31 days from 28th to 31, and the price is 15,000 won. Delivery is a dedicated product, and can be seen through delivery apps such as Maxilibury official apps, sites, delivery ethnicity, yogi, and Kupangites. Furch frying and beverages can be changed according to the taste.

Meanwhile, McDonald, which has entered the first QSR industry for the first time in the QSR industry, followed by the LCK Legend Snack Pack, which is composed of a popular menu, followed by the LCK Legend Snack Pack, which is a popular menu, I have grown.

McDonald s official said, McDonald s official sponsor of League of Legend Korea Priign, is a differentiated pleasure that can only meet on McDonald s, said McDonald s official sponsor, said McDonald s official sponsor. I hope that the snow and mouth will be more enjoyable with the LCK cheering pack.

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