Battlefield 2042 teaches more about its multiplayer battles in a new trailer

This week we learned that Sundance, the wing suits specialist, is a non-binary character. Later, we discovered further the strengths and peculiarities of the other specialists who will be available when launch Battlefield 2042. Today, we see more in the new maps that players can explore when the game is launched.

During the beta, it is true that we could not see many of them due to the restriction they bring EA and says, but we can finally get an idea of ​​the different playgrounds to offer Battlefield 2042., the presentation of Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded. All these maps will be available in the modes Total War, Portal and Danger Zone.

With the discovery of new vehicles and ways of playing, we note that Battlefield 2042 will push players not to depend on the infrastructure, because you can download a floor under the opposite force. In the video presented, we note that the battlefields have several different combat areas located in a single play area. The maps are completely new and bring a breath of fresh air to the license.

Battlefield 2042 - All Maps Explained!

As a reminder, the launch date of Battlefield 2042 will be available as of November 12 in anticipated access for all those who have booked the game in its gold or definitive version. For anticipated classic orders, we will have to wait for the date of initial release, which is November 19.

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