Gladbach Ex coach Bernd Krauss explains Coup against Bayern

The longtime Bundesliga coach Bernd Krauss sees the 5-0 sensational victory of his ex-club Borussia Mönchengladbach in the DFB Cup against FC Bayern, especially in a superior will.

What an evening at Borussia Park, a big football festival. Borussia Mönchengladbach has shown very impressively, which is in this troop. This has folded too rarely in the Bundesliga in this season. But this madness victory against Bayern will Of course give a lot of tailwind. That was really rousing, Krauss swarmed in a kicker column.

Trainer Adi Hütter and his team with the edge victory against the record champion and cup winner The bar laid in dizzying heights, added Krauss.

Gladbach have unleashed and gates as shot as out of the textbook, so Krauss, who took the DFB Cup in 1995 as Chef coach with the Borussia the DFB Cup and thus the last major success of the club s history so far.

Now the dream is actually living to celebrate a title again. Let s see, maybe it will be this season with the final in Berlin – and the big litter. In this form everything is possible, says the 64-year-old.

Bernd Krauss: That was Gladbach s core problem before the victory against FC Bayern

The core problem in Gladbach to the Bayern game by growing season was the small yield compared to the effort, explained Krauss: There was often the will in closing situations, the greed, the gate necessarily. That s exactly what what the Borussia against Bayern now showed so impressive. So it has to go, the quality is available. I wish these greed more often.

Krauss believes in a Gladbach upswing in the league. The club has operated a belonging financial expense in recent years to form the team to a European Cup candidate. No question: in this form must and will work the return to international competition.

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