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Yesterday we had reported that the bosses in the melted core and Onyxias Hort of the season of the Championship of WOW CLASSIC should be adapted so that they represent a greater challenge. With the recent beta patch, the developers delivered this adaptation now, but unfortunately did not reveal any details.

Although the DataMiners of WOWHEAD have discovered a series of new spells in the beta, but these finds can not be concluded from these finds to the concrete combat processes. So we have to wait for the coming RAID test from this week.

The new patch had a lot more to offer:

A new thief debuff for rogue bots ( More details are here ).
Many of the NPC guards removed from the alteractal with patch 1.11 at that time are now back at the start.
The PVP Ehresystem was adapted to climb the honor ladder faster and reach the higher ranks.

Season Of Mastery RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED! My Plan For Classic Fresh

WOW: Season of championship – beta patch of 28 October – patch notes

Many Groups of Guard NPCS That Were Removed from Alterac Valley in Patch 1.11 Have Been Restored for Season of Mastery.
The Denizens of Blackrock Depths Have Grown More Leery of Criminal Activity and Will Now Attempt to Stash Their Most Valuable Items Away IF She Suspect That a Thief Is in their Midst.
Many Adjustments Have Been Made to the Raid Encounters in Molten Core and Onyxia s Lair.
The PVP Honor System Has Been Adjusted to Accelerate The Rate At Which Players Rank Up.
Developers Notes: Each Week, The Honor System Keeps Track of Players PVP Participation, And At The End Of The Week, Player Characters With At Least 15 Honorable Kills Are Sorted By PvP Participation. Once Sorted, The System Decides How Many Points to Award That Week, And The Sorting Is Independent of the Character s Current PvP Rank. The System Then Awards A Calculated Number of Expected Points, And The Calculation Uses The Character s Current PvP Ranking Points. THIS CAN BE Simplified to: (This Weeks Expected Points – Current Ranking Points) Rate Factor. The Result is this Added to the Character s Current Ranking Points, so Each Week, Every Player-Character Approaches Their Deserved Rank. In Classic ERA, The Rate Factor (I.e The Percentage of the Previous Week s Expected Points That Will be awarded) is 20%. In Season Of Mastery, We Are Increasing That Rate to 40% To Match The Faster Pace Of Content.

What do you think of these adjustments? Track us in the comments!

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