Bayern want to revenge in the cup of revenge against Frankfurt

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We did not play bad in Frankfurt, but we discuss what we can do better, Announces Bayern-Coach Jens Scheuer the 2: 3 defeat two weeks ago in the run-up to the DFB Cup of Octifest (Saturday, 13.30 Live! At DFB Cup). The K.O.-Mode can represent a positive aspect for his team: That s an advantage for us, because in the league every opponent is satisfied if he gets a draw against us.

FC Bayern M√ľnchen - SG Eintracht Frankfurt Tor 1:3 und Platzsturm DFB Pokalfinale
To use this to a revenge, it is now on trifles. Should this fit, then I m sure we will skip this hurdle the Munich exercise leader will be optimistic. However, the height of this hurdle is quite aware of him: We introduce ourselves to a difficult game against a very good opponent.

Bavarian detail work against cheeky Frankfurters

Frankfurt s coach Niko Arnautis would like to realize this forecast of his opposite of course We will make it as difficult to Bayern as much as possible. The 41-year-old would like to fight from the last league success: The league game helps us in the way that we have collected self-confidence and know that we can win on a good day against such a strong opponent.

Grade with this victory in the back would now be cheeky and courageous and believe in themselves. But that alone will not be sufficient against the otherwise unbeaten Bavaria: It is also clear that we need to return 100 percent and have to be ready to go over our limits, Arnautis also knows about the severity of the task.

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