Low point 1 FC Nuremberg condemned whistles against Leibold

The 1st FC Nuremberg stands for fairness. We do not represent it in any way to humiliate a player, especially if he lies at the ground under pain, wrote the club on the day after the DFB Cup in penalties (2: 4) in remarkable clarity.

We really regret that it has come to such a behavior yet and apologize to the Hamburg SV and especially at Tim Leibold, which we want a speedy recovery, it continues in the statement. The loud whistles against the former Nuremberg refers to the FCN in it even as a low point of the game.

Leibold had accompanied the right knee in the 18th minute of playing by loud screaming and had been worn by the square. A diagnosis is not yet available.

When today 27-year-old 2019 after four years ago, the club Via exit clause to HSV was changed, the many fans had slept. Even before his injury he had been deciphered on Tuesday at every action.

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