STEAM Halloween Sale is being held Let s enjoy diverse horror works from adventure to action Special feature

At STeam, Halloween Sale is being held until November 2, 2021. Not only horror genre, but also varying games such as popular works are selling and updating events.

In this paper, from the work of such a sale, the user tag horror and 50% or more of the discount rates and pick up the standard works that you want to play. Please note that work introduction is a representation in consideration of spoiler.

Layers of Fear

A horror adventure to explore its own spiritual world. The player is the purpose of exploring a spooky house and collecting clues and completing his own high masterpiece. Because flashy action is not required, you can enjoy fear carefully.

It is a work that is made and created for the production, such as the main character of the main character of the main character which will be revealed while searching. It is also a nice part that can be played while understanding in-game events and objects because it is also compatible with Japanese.


SF horror with the main character who wake up at the research facility of a stranger. There is also a monster in the facility, and the player will be careful about the threat and solving the mystery, solving stealth, etc. to solve the mystery.

The setting of the where the protagonist to be revealed and the effect that utilizing the setting is excellent. Graphics, sounds, and wonderful fears in the story where breathtaking comes up. Safe mode that can deactivate monster threats is also available. Since the essence of works is not thin in safe mode, people who want to taste purely fear are also recommended.

Developer Frictional Games Penumbra and Amnesia series are also subject to sale. Any work is waiting for a unique atmosphere.


A journalist invades and search on a psychiatric hospital that is rumored to operate by a certain company and experiments have been conducted. The main character will revive the camera equipped with a night vision device, and will reveal the truth that happened in the hospital where some person is crawling.

The main character has no means to counter the threat, and there is only an escape if it is found in the enemy. In order to avoid fear, it is effective to hide and observe the dark with the camera to reveal the enemy s position and hidden place. However, because the camera that can be relying is a battery type, it is necessary to explore the facility and replenish the battery.

It is not faded now, such as the crazy and incident truth of the appearance character and the truth of the case. It is also recommended to purchase Outlast Trinity with the DLC Whistleblower and series sequel Outlast 2 of this work.

Spooky s Jump Scare Mansion

The title JUMP SCARE is a method to surprise a great sound in the horror work. Players are very cute ghosts SPOOKY to encounter a thousand rooms in the hall.

When playing the game, this work that feels an atmosphere like horror horror. Come on, please enjoy playing with various rooms. I m sure I can satisfy it.

In addition, you can play the game main story of this work free of charge. Also, one DLC Karamari Hospital is also 50% off for Halloween sale.

Wight / Late Night

Horror series with the theme of for the night of the night. The main character draws a cute girl, and a story to explore the world of nights waiting for various monsters.

The fear is outstanding in the dark, and the fear going forward for a small light. Maintaining actions, puzzles, collection, etc., such as actions, puzzles, collection, etc. that remember the nature of the monster appearing appear. The sequel Late Night has two main characters, and volumes are also significantly increasing.

This work with the sixth anniversary of the sixth anniversary of the night on October 29, 2021. At the official portal site, Sixth Anniversary Planning will also be held.

Little Nightmares

A horror action to adventure to the stage of a mysterious huge ship Mou, a captured girl Six aims to escape her. As seen from Six, it is an excellent work such as the world of ships and sponsopular and unique characters.

The inside of the ship is full of dangerous existence and device. Six will explore the puzzles with her and objects, etc., and explore the world while running away from her enemies. The difference between the size of the size and the stage with the size of the stages, a promise that seems to be a horror, and it is a work that you want to experience the world s view once, such as the atmosphere of a comical character or room.


Horror adventure with the motivation factor Diatrov Pass incident that happened in the Soviet Union in 1959. The player explores the Ural Mountains after the incident and will experience a strange and horrible number of events.

The attraction of this work is that severe survival element. The map must not be displayed on the map, and you have to search for dangerous mountains while remembering the marks such as buildings. In addition, we are waiting for mysterious monsters and fear threats that attack the protagonist.

Although there are some difficulties in operability, various productions such as amazing development and memo remaining. It is also recommended to check here because the Diatrov Pass Incident that has become a very strange and interesting content.

Top 10 Deals - Steam Halloween Sale 2021

Pony Island

The content of this work is not all of the content, so you can not tell the details. But please try to play this opportunity. It is recommended here because it has a horror tag.

Hello neighbor

The protagonist is a stealth action that invades to the house to solve the mystery of the strange neighbor Peterson. Player must enter from the window, hide and follow the neighbors, to illegally intrude using any means.

The biggest feature of this work is that the AI ​​of the neighbor will be enhanced little by little based on the player s behavior. If you repeat the same play, you will be able to take measures that the neighbor goes out more than this, so there is a pleasure to make a new strategy while reading the degree of the other party.

It is a fear that neighbors will be approaching here to learn and strengthen this. The story that becomes clear is also a must-see. In addition, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek draws the past of the story is also subject to sale.

The Forest

The main character who survived in an airplane accident is a survival open world work that takes place in the native people who live in the forest to save the led children. You can enjoy basic craft & survival elements such as collecting hunting animals to survive and collect plants and collect wood and build a base.

What s more horrible in this work is darkness such as night and caves. Even if you prepare a light, you have to be scared to the raid of the native people. It is a pleasant part that you can enjoy such role play if you eat A certain food when you get into the limit.

It is also recommended to play with friends because it supports CO-OP if you are horrible. If everyone lives, the threats of the number of nested people will be slightly thin?

Biohazard Re: 2

Survival action horror series that is not to say is also subject to Halloween sale. It is released on January 25, 2019, and STEAM user reviews can be purchased at Biohazard Re: 2 of overwhelmingly popular at deals.

Search, mystery solving · Horror action is well balanced, and this work that can enjoy more powerful production with remake graphics. There are many extra elements, and there is no doubt that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Besides, the previous work Biohazard Village appeared 68% off Biohazards 7 Resident Ebil. It is a chance to play with the history of historic series.

STEAM Halloween Sale will be held until November 2, 2021. It may be good to buy a game that is concerned about this chance and prepares for winter.

In addition, articles are also available from Sale to Horror work in Game SPARK.

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