Dear Dedel Marvel Uncharted mothers and new developments

Mabor entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Marvel) blind lawyer, Dear Deseline appeared as a console game main character.

Marvel is the official website of Marvel, Working with Sky Dance New Media and developing a story-centric action adventure game This game will have a unique original story based on Marble Universe.

If so, who is the main character to decorate a new marble game? There are no official announcements, but some overseas media listen to the community foot rumor, and the main character of the new work is guessing as Dear Desella. Dear Desele is a character who has lost vision with an accident, and a character that has obtained a premier angle,

The rumor of the previous overseas user last month is a little more specific. According to officials, Marvel is developing a new Democratic game as a background of Chicago. It is a similar form of released in 2018 than Open World Region. I would need it.

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The Marvel has released a game as the main character and Captain America, but there was no bond with Dear Dewel. The most recently released DearDel game is the last appeared in 2003 as a game Boy Advance (GBA). Other than that, it is all that it appears in a title that comes out of the series, and . The reason for the rumor on the Dear Dewable Game is the reason why many users attention is concentrated.

Marvel is the perfect partner of the first game to release our studio. Marble universe is a perfect partner for our studios. Marble universe offers a perfect experience for action, mystery, said Mabori. I said.

The Sky Dance New Media is a new studio founded by Amy Hennig (Amy Hennig), which is active as a Dunti directory until 2014. Amy Heni He is a person who participated in , , is a person who participated in directors and script. So she won the 2019 Games Developer Conference (GDC) Organization Commercial Awarded Lifelong Achievement.

New Marble games to develop on Sky Dance New Media are expected to disclose specific information in the future.

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