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The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time, Hypetrain Digital has been developed, Hypetrain Digital is publisher, and from November 02, 2021 to PC (Windows), PS4 (outside Japan) / Xbox Series for consumers X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose I would like to deliver the contents of the raw content for Rogelike ACT TUNCHE released with Nintendose switch.

What is Tunche ?

This work is a wicked belonging to the back of the Amazon Tunche (Tunche). The five-piece set of five log leik ACT games. Tunce is the devil of the forest that appears in Peru s folklore. In the game main story, it appears as the existence of evil that is crazy about the animals in the forest.

On behalf of this work, the enemy is surprisingly unexpectedly speaking and fierce combat and intense battle. Death penalty is too heavy and easy to strengthen character performance, so it offers pretty bonotypie experiences. Let s introduce it immediately.

Operation, setting, language

Operation systems support keyboards & mice and controllers. Because it is deployed on various platforms, the key configuration screen of the game option is a little interesting to line up the illustration of each hard controller. This correspondence is playing a PC version with the Xbox One controller. Graphic-related settings are also finely adjusted including refresh rate, but the big difference between personally settles was not felt. Also, the language setting also supports Japanese. A careful translation has been made from the l view to the interface.

Each character introduction

When you start the game from the title, five people surrounding the bonfire under the night sky are centered. This is called a camp, the base in the game, where you will be indebted again and again. Immediately after the start, there is nothing yet, but in the event of the game and defeating the first boss, there will be one shop (?). About this again later.

Let s introduce each main character who is the operation character. From the left edge, a wizard s Lumi, a bird human caru, musician puncho, warrior Naira, and a wizard hatkid. Because they are different from the fact that the combat capacity is slightly different, you should first try all the characters in their own hands.

Wizard s Lumi. Because it is an orthodox battle style, it may be nice to grasp the movement of movement with this character.

Bird human caru. A boy with his arms becoming a bird feathers. As apparent, it is a speedy and linear normal attack, but when he stretches his skills, a variety of rotation attacks that involve surroundings are possible.

Musician puncho. It was over the mind that the first look at the first look was Oira and I did not know the curry and I did not know the translation. Long-range attacks are unusually faster with power type.

Warrior Naira. Personal Best Hit Character. An attack due to the armor involves the enemy before and after, so it s safe to surround it. Sexy sexy.

Hat Kid is a guest from A Hat In Time. Close attacks are slow, and covered with long distance magic attacks. It is worth watching because the dance of the waiting motion is irritated by the love.

Let s go to jungle


The stage is all four, each stage consisting of 10 maps. Basic progress is a horizontal scroll type 2D action where the character moves from left to right, and ! Mark is displayed on the screen, and a miscellaneous fish enemies appear. Since the number and type of miscellaneous fish appearing in each map are random, the other party seen in the last map in the last play, this time there is also a sudden bloom in the early stage.

Combat: Miscellaneous Fish Enemy

The character basically combines two types of proximity and long distance attacks, combining jumps and avoidance behavior. Although the performance such as usability is somewhat different, there are no obvious characters, so it is good to find the characters that match your own plasticity.

As a point of attention, this work is basically a horizontal scroll 2D action, but there is also depth there. Axis with enemies is damaged and attacks are empty! If you have anything, damage from unexpected direction! There are also things.


Enemy approaches each moving speed towards the protagonist. Therefore, in the map with a large number of enemies, it is often a one-shot and sober breathtaking while taking care of the busyness of screen information. This measures are easy, floating enemies and connect the air combos to put up avoidance motion as appropriate. It is recommended that a trial that always takes a few minutes while keeping it to a place with few enemies.

Speaking of combo, if you connect an attack to some extent, the number of hits and stylish rank will be displayed at the left edge of the screen. Where is the Devil Hunter of the Devil Hunter. There are plenty of that minute file item, so I would like to maintain a high rank by all means.

However, at the beginning of the introduction to A rank and a bit, the SSS is quite difficult because the enemy will be exhausted first to connect the combo. Because it is about to line up with the analysis of actual results, it is likely to be required to have a technique.

Combat: Boss

Battle with the boss is unlikely to be pushing unlike the above-mentioned small fish enemies. Damage due to the opponent s attack is heavy and has a blowoff effect, so it is basically important to read the opponent s attack timing. Also, the boss has a guard gauge, other than the physical strength gauge, and you can not reduce your strength without attacking after scrapping.

Moreover, this guard gauge, once zero to recover at the time of time to full tank, and you will be required to cut the guard gauge several times to defeat the body. Hit & Away, which will hit a chance to hit a chance to hit a chance with a long distance attack, and hit a close attack.

If you have a hard part, will it be that you have to defeat the boss again every time you restart…!


When all the fish enemies in the map are defeated, the flowers bloom from the center of the screen and Map reward will be displayed. In the case of the boss, it appears on the journey.

There is a compensation such as golden fragment, Shard, Essence, and Spiritual Core, each of which is a role in purchasing items, item reinforcement, skills, and acquiring passive effect activation during jungle exploration.

Map compensation is randomly assigned one of these, but if it comes to half of the stage, it is possible to receive a certain amount of compensation as a certain extent, as it increases the scene where you select the destination of the map.

In some cases, items that can check the character story may be falling.

Once the game is over, the golden pieces and spiritual cores are lost, but essentials that are essential for skill acquisition were carried over for each character, so there was no more severe death impression.

Of course, the miscellaneous fish who beat in the battle can drop directly (except core).


In the way of the stage, there are also encounters with special NPCs. Any of the NPCs that open the shop (?) Are also actively used, as they may be available for camping. Especially, the image of the image is just a jungle lifetime because it sells a recovery potion in the way.

Besides, it was a character that he was very much indebted to enhance the core effect and installed a recovery fountain in the way.

This is Leo in Challenge Room. If you clear the charge of paying golden pieces at him, you can get items as a reward. However, the damage received during the challenge is as it is, and when the game is over, it is forced repatriation to the camp, so it is worthwhile whether you aim for high-risk high returns.

Besides, camping allows you to pay the essence (experience value) in this way to acquire skills. You may think that the number of essences required may be large, but while playing for a few days ago, it was not felt for stress because it was accumulated unexpectedly.

The skills of this attack power and strength enhancement are the place where you want to get earlier.

Also, as a collection element, you can use an organs to get organs and achieve specific conditions, and use an information picture book that is unlocked.

Local Multiple People Play (but this time alone)

As a characteristic function of this work, can enjoy local play with more than one person. You can play up to 3 people by selecting on the camp screen. By all means, it is good to invite your friends and play with me.

However, in the case of the authors, I am doing one by one in this writing…… With the right hand, the controller is the keyboard with the left hand…. I promoted the stage, but the other was taken up with the sticker while one of the operations. However, because only one enemy goes aiming at each protagonist, it may be easy to avoid. Rather, it is easy to stand up with one side using it… but it doesn t mean that it is one person after all!

in conclusion

Battle against the cute look, the battle is intense, and there is almost no unrelid, so this work is being balanced with easy-to-play difficulty. It was a good point that can be played free and easy to retry and has few penalty. What about weekends?

Title: Tunche
Compatible model: PC (Windows) / PS4 (Japan) / Xbox Series x | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch
Play model in articles: PC (Windows)
Release Date: Nov 02, 2021
Author play time for article writing: 4 hours
Price property: Regular price 2,050 yen, sale price 1,742 yen (until November 10, 21)

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