Pok mon Go Hunsted Schabernback 13 and 14 New Rewards

Inpokémon GO is available from 5 November part 13 and 14 of misunderstood Schabernback. This is special research with Hoopa. We show you the tasks and rewards.

Misunderstood Mischief Research Pokemon go | Pokemon Go Research Task | Pokemon Go Game New Event

What are that for tasks? In Pokémon Go launches the light festival on 5 November and brings cool bonuses. Part of the event is the continuation of special research with Hoopa, which is found in your research overview under the motto misunderstanded Schabernback.

We show you the new tasks and their rewards here.

Misented Schabernback 13/16

Step Reward: If you successfully complete all three tasks and get their rewards, you also receive an encounter with Elezeba, a Knursp and 10 Dedenne sweets.

How to find new friends: In Pokémon Go you can add new friends based on QR codes or your friend codes. In our overview we show you how to find your new friends in Pokémon Go.

Misenter Schabernback 14/16

Professor Willow is still researching this area of ​​task. As soon as the task is unlocked, you get 720 star dust and 720 EP.

We have compiled the overview of all tasks and rewards of misunderstood Schabernback in Pokémon Go. On the linked side you will always find the latest content of special research.

What happens now in Pokémon Go?

The current event: The light festival runs in Pokémon Go until November 14th. You meet the new Pokémon Dedenne, which belongs to the types of electro and fairy. In addition, in the wilderness, she increasingly meets on Pokémon of the types of electric and fire.

Other bonuses include:

You can open up to 45 gifts per day
From gifts you will receive more items
In the game you see her fireworks
New field research
New Avatar articles and stickers

From the 9th of November, you will then reaffirmantly again on Team Go Rocket. All the details, content and bonuses to the light festival can be found on us mymmo.

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