Dragon Ascension took off New Divine Warrior mobile in the Xianxia climate

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New week, new mobile Divine Warrior.

Today, we want to present you Dragon Ascension — a game of Divine Warrior, which started a few days ago and which boasts its Xiangya. That is?

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Xiangya is a genre of Chinese fantasy inspired by Chinese mythology, Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine and other elements of the Chinese tradition

In the case of Dragon Ascension, we must release the city of Chang an, which is devoured by darkness. Easter creatures and old gods woke up. They cross the city and are waiting for their chances… Join the adventures and discover the dark secrets of Chang an; Kill monsters, old gods and equip your ancient artifact

Five classes to choose from:

Divine Warrior
Spiritual Healer
Arcane Swordsman
Heavenly Archer

Sounds interesting, but it s just appearances. Dragon Ascension is a microtransaction, and the game itself in most cases consists in pressing the Auto-Battle button. Casual om will not disturb it, but more demanding players are looking for something else. Something that really requires our participation.

DRAGON ASCENSION - Mobile MMORPG, Android (release Nov 2021)
You will play here (Only on Android).

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