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Pokémon Go (very own letter: Pokémon Go) is a ready handheld smartphones such as mobile phones and also tablet computer systems. In the video game, gamers can capture, create, develop, develop, develop and also compete against each various other in digital struggles. By the end of 2018, the game was downloaded and install over a billion times. Pokémon Go was established by the software business Ni antic for operating systems IOS and also Android. It is a location-based game and utilizes a game environment on the principle of extensive reality (Increased Reality). The video game identifies the player s area information by the GPS (GPS) and real-time localization and also settings it virtually on a map based on OpenStreetMap cards.
The game is played in the reception area of the GPS signal, so usually outdoors, as well as makes use of sights, landmarks and noticeable things of the material globe to create an online video game globe.
The free-to-play game is funded by in-app acquisitions. Genuine money, the player obtains digital game money, so-called poke coins. These can once more be exchanged for different products.

With Pokémon brilliant diamond and shiny pearl gigantic will be released at the end of this month and has announced a solemn event to accelerate the long-awaited arrival of the Pokémon Gen-4-Remakes. This multi-day event offers new costumes, challenges, bonuses and more, so it is very important to prepare for the coming. In this guide we will break everything, whereupon you in the. Can be enjoyed Pokémon Go Diamante and Pearl event.

When will the Pokémon Go Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Event take place?

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Players with time restrictions will be glad to hear that the Diamond and Pearl Event lasts a generous 5-day window. The event begins on November 16 at 10 o clock local time and lasts until 21st November at 8 pm. In the amount of content, this should be enough time for everyone to see everything the game has to offer. If you want to make the most of it, remember to put your watches on the afternoon of the 16th, as quickly as possible.

What s going on during the Diamond and Pearl Events?

As long as it lasts, the upcoming event will keep many contents. We become the bonuses, collection challenges, research goals and more broken down to make their adventure as well as possible.


Incubators hatch in only 1/2 of their standard distance
Super incubators hatch in 1/3 of their standard distance
Both bonuses apply to the total event duration

Collection challenge

A challenge to collect all costumed Pokémon will be available for an XP boost. This Pokémon is as follows:
Tan twig (Lucas and Dawn s hats)

Chitchat (Lucas and Dawn s hats)
Pickup (Lucas and Dawn s hats)
Collecting all 3 starters in both hat variants brings 1000 XP, 3000-star dust and a frost-cast encounter


Bu dew, Only, Mime Jr., Happily and Role will slip out of 7 km of eggs
Several Raids will produce rare Pokémon
Mega Raids will produce Mega County
5-Star Raids will produce Cecelia
3-Star Raids Spawn Traitor, Toxicroak, Gal lade, Duration, Salamanca and County
1-star raids spawn bronzer, craniums, Brighton, Sheldon and Bible
Completing research tasks brings all 3 gene 4 starters, Barry, Wagon, Sheldon, Larvae and Craniums

Shop sales

A new line of Turning, Pickup and Chitchat rompers will appear in the shop
Hats, tops, pants, shoes, backpacks, skirts and boots in Finish style will be available to decorate your Avatar in the style of 4th generation protagonists
Stickers around the iconic Finish Pokémon will be available in the shop, at stops and gifts

In addition to all the above, almost the entire occupation of Gen 4 Pokes, which are available in Pokémon GO, have a much higher spawn rate during the Diamond and Pearl events. These include Shiny Spawns, so look around if you want to snatch something rare.

The Event of Pokémon Diamond changes with Pearl?

This new event is not a continuous narrative. While the event begins on the 16th, one could rather say that the Diamond event begins on the 16th. On the 18th of November at 10:00 local time the event will be changed to Pokémon Pearl by 21 November, then the entire event ends. While the differences between the two events are quite low, each event has higher spawn rates for the Pokémon available exclusively for this game. Expect, for example, that you will find more Pochenya during the Diamond Events, while more Hound our will appear on the Pearl page.

Everything should be completely covered in Pokémon Go Diamond and Pearl Event. But remember that this November there will be even more events to Pokémon Go. You will also find instructions for the rest of the Pokémon Go series by stopping by here.

Pokémon Go is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

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