The next Super Mario 3D will be expected Miyamoto says they want to expand new ways

Super Mario is the title of a collection of computer system video games of the Japanese game console manufacturer and also game designer Nintendo. The first game of the collection showed up in 1985 with Super Mario Bros. for the AMISOM, originally exclusively in Japan. As the maker of the collection of plays as well as the figure Mario, Shiner Miyamoto is responsible, which is still energetic for the Team today. To date, the collection games have actually marketed more than 387 million times worldwide, which makes Super Mario one of the best-selling Gaming Series of all time.

There are few games that can or know how to revolutionize both new delivery as Super Mario video games do, it is equal to be 2D or 3D and Super Mario Odyssey is the best example. It is probably the greatest representative of video games and there is already desire to know more about the Bigoted plumber. Now, Miyamoto has spoken, so we sit down, listen and transmit.

The Nintendo itself has published a Q & A about the future of the company in its latest financial report and that is where we have those that we could catalog as the first details of the next 3D Super Mario. Miyamoto reviews the differences between the games and their development process to pave the way, and also how important it is to be accurate in each new game of iconic character.

Miyamoto-san recalls what happened before launching New Super Mario Bros in Wii in 2009. Let me explain to them describing the background of the development of the Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii game, which was released in 2009, said Miyamoto. At that time, it seemed that every time we created a new delivery of the Super Mario series, which by then had expanded to 3D, became more complicated. After the launch of Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, The goal was to develop A Super Mario game in 3D more accessible, and the result was New Super Mario Bros. in Wii, a basic game of Super Mario lateral displacement that even new players could play easily, sentenced the genius.

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All this to put in the mind about what can happen in the future. Recently, people of all generations have enjoyed the Game of Mario in 3D Super Mario Odyssey -Reinaldo in 2017-, so for the future of Mario 3D, we want to try to expand even more new forms, says Miyamoto.

What he does not make clear is if they are already exploring these new ideas or, precisely, is what makes us carry almost 5 years without a new game of Super Mario, not counting remasters or adaptations as Super Mario 3D World. It will be waiting to wait.

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