EA could revive Fight Night A rumor points to the next game is on the way but it has been paused

While the UFC franchise goes on with the latest UFC 4, EA has abandoned the development of another brand focused on Boxing: Fight Night. Or at least that seemed, since this name, who saw the light for the last time by 2011, returns to resound on the Internet once again. In this sense, it is aimed at Fight Night will launch a new game in the future, but we will have to wait several years to see it.

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This has been said in NGC, from where they claim to have contacted a source closely related to EA projects. According to this anonymous person, the following delivery of Fight Night bears the key name of Moneyball and, although it is in an early development phase, has been temporarily paused to prioritize the release of the next UFC 5, according to an Assumption email sent by EA to your team.

In this sense, the source of NGC affirms that the distributor did not want to divide its developers between two boxing titles, so the development of the hypothetical continuation of Fight Night has been paused. And, as expected, EA has not wanted to comment around what they consider rumors and speculations, so we will not know anything about the title to a future confirmation, if the case is given.

Although the boxing franchise has been left, EA follows expanding its titles around this sport with UFC. And, by learning to football, currently the publisher is enjoying FIFA 22 success, which is still present at the best-selling games lists since its launch at the beginning of October.

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