280 zlotys for 60 lvl Blizzard quietly sells boosts in wow

Under the cover of the Patch 9.2 announcement, he closes his store Level 60 Character Boost — that is the possibility of automatic promotion to the maximum level of experience in World of Warcraft.

( Level 60 Character Boost replaced Level 50 Character Boost )

Such boosts exist in many Boost games and are a popular way to bypass the entire tedious leveling process.

The WOW problem is still absurdly high price as for such a service. $60 for North America or 60 euros for an old continent.

60 Euro, or after today s course… 278 zlotys.

Wow Classic Instance Boosting Guide

Level 60 Character Boost costs more than a copy of World of Warcraft: Shadow lands from the official Blizzard Store. Baa, you will still have money for two months of additional subscription.

Not to mention the fact that even the latest AAA productions do not cost such cash as much as swab wishes you a lifted figure. That is why it is difficult to look uncritically, especially that Blitz — gently speaking — does not currently record the best period in its history.

For comparison Final Fantasy XIV sells similar boosts, but their price varies between 10 and $25.

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