ATP Finals Zverev meets Medvedev Berrettini and Hurkacz

Stanislaus Stan Katrina [Paprika] (born March 28, 1985, in Lausanne) is a Swiss tennis gamer. He has been playing since 2002 at the ATP Globe Excursion. On May 12, 2008, he represented the very first time under the leading ten of the tennis world placing listing. In the same year he ended up being with Roger Federer Olympic champion in dual. From April 17, 2013, to October 1, 2017, he was trained by the former Swedish tennis player Magnus Norman, with which he reached his means to one of the most solo success on January 26, 2014, the title profit among the Australian Open. With this victory he reached the most effective positioning of his profession with placement 3 of the world rankings. In 2015, he won the Final of French Open and 2016 that of the United States Open, each versus Novak Djokovic. Seals chose treatments are sand and also hard courts. His special stamina is its hands-free backhand, which is just one of the finest on the planet.

Olympic champion Alexander Zeal goes top favorite Novak Djokovic in the preliminary round of ATP Finals in Turin (from 14 November) out of the way. This revealed the draw to the last highlight of the tennis season on Thursday evening. VERY meets in the Red Group on defending champion Daniel Mercedes (Russia), Wimbledon finalist Matteo Regretting (Italy) and Debutant Hubert Surface (Poland).

The world ranking Djokovic (Serbia), who has already won the season finale five times and decided on Sunday the dress rehearsal at the Masters in Paris for himself, gets it in the green group with Stefano Tsitsihar (Greece), Andrew Ruble (Russia) and Casper Rued (Norway) to do.

After twelve years in London, the tournament of the eight best players of the year takes place for the first time in Turin. Zeal had triumphed in 2018 with a final victory over Djokovic, last year Mercedes continued. VERY plays at the start on Sunday (21.00 clock) against Regretting.

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In Double, the two-time French open winner Kevin Gleiwitz (Coburg) occurs at the side of the Romanian Hora Team. The Duo plays in the preliminary round first on Sunday (11.30 am) against the Olympic victories Nikola Celtic / Mate Panic (Croatia). Then Marcel Rollers / Horacio Balls (Spain / Argentina) and Ivan Do dig / Filip Metasearch (Croatia / Slovakia).

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Gleiwitz is one after the other for the third time at the season finale, in the past two years he played with his partners Andreas Main. Since the Cologne at the beginning of the year had to undergo a cartilage surgery on the knee, Gleiwitz plays the season with Team.

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