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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (also recognized for its abbreviation GTA: VC or, simply, Vice City), is an open-world action-adventure computer game in third person. It is the 4th title of the Grand Burglary Car as well as the second series in 3D graphics.

This week the GTA Trilogy has appeared, which attracts three PS2 classics. In improved versions, GTA 3, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City are waiting for you. Everything three games that have shaped a whole generation of players.

That s why we wanted to know from you, with which part you want to start. That all three games have a big fan community is also shown in our survey. Because the game in first place has only won very shortly.

Most book first a trip to Vice City

In total, 3,393 individual voices have participated in the survey and the following result has come out:

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Only 80s, then the Hood: with a total of 1,091 votes (32 percent) Vice City was able to victory. Just behind it follows San Andreas (1017 votes, 30 percent). Even less spaced there was between two and three place, because GTA 3 always want to start 29 percent (990 votes) of you.

Undecided : Just 9 percent (295 votes) of you are not quite sure what you want to play first. Instead, you just will first play all titles and might concentrate on a game.

Something different : In the comments a slightly different picture is characterized, as many of you want to play in the chronological order and therefore start with GTA 3. After that, San Andreas is also very popular, which is also associated with the Game Pass. The game is part of the subscription service there. Something deferred but still popular is also Vice City, which many of you want to experience again because of the nostalgia for the game again.

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Do you already play the GTA Trilogy or start you now on the weekend?

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