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It was a used day for Jean-Manuel MOM. No 20 minutes had taken his fifth international game in the German U 21, because the Bremen had to start the course again in the cabin. In addition to three goals and an overlooking foul on him before 0: 3, the 21-year-old had to cope with a legal defense for an emergency brake. There had not really worked a lot in the German behind team in terms of positioning, decisive or defensive.

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On Tuesday, in the last EM qualifying game of the year, MOM will be missing. A gap that will certainly close in Ingolstadt against outsider San Marino (18:15 clock). In principle, however, it illustrates the emergency of the current U-21 generation on this position. Because even MOM is not a trained right outfielder — which could not only recognize against Poland by his tempodefizites. Trainer Antonio DI Salvo must moderate a massive personal stock pass, while an emergency solution triggers the next.

Problems in junior work — waiting for Angolan

We have been talking for years that we have some problems in the junior work on certain positions, explains DI Salvo and is forced to improvise, we have to come up with something. For example, right-wing-back, we have little ones Until no alternatives. The only player trained on this position is called Josh Angolan from Hamburger SV. But the U-21 European Champion of 2021 is injured and after a muscle and tendon injury in the thigh only in the construction phase.

The second candidate, who played this position at least earlier, is the Gladbacher Jordan Beyer, but that is a center defender and unfortunately also injured, says Salvo. We also had to convert Manuel Mom as a six or eighth, and Roberto Massimo is actually at home in front. As a coaching team, we try to find the best solution. The Stuttgart Massimo has helped on the right back in September in the games in San Marino (6: 0) and in Latvia (3: 1).

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Overall, the vacancy illustrates an apprenticeship problem in this country, which the DFB tries to counteract together with the clubs. If we talk about our project future, then that already has his mind because we are understaffed on some positions and not the potential, as it would have to be, says Di Salvo once more.

Especially on the other defense positions little width is present in the top, which could be reflected again on Tuesday. Because in addition to the locked MOM, internal defending Martin Cardie (illness due) is left by the U 21.

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