Private Division Publisher takes over developer by Ollioli s World

Private Division, the Publishing Label of Take-Two, announced today that they have taken over the video game developer Roll7.

The London-based, BAFTA-excellent studio is currently developing Elliott World published by Private Division and will appear until 31 March 2022.

The conditions of the agreement were not disclosed.

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Roll7 was founded in 2008 by Simon Bennett, John Robbins and Tom Hearty and is well known for the Elliott series. The studio is currently working on the upcoming Elliott World and has further unannounced projects in development.

Private Division will support these future activities and enable Roll7 to continue to create their characteristic Flow State Gaming experiences that embody their unmistakable style and ability to achieve commercial and critical success.

Michael Works, Executive Vice President and Head of Private Division, says, We are very happy to welcome Roll7 in the Private Division family. As a team that is passionately managed to do action-sport, it is remarkable to see how Roll7 connects the thrill of the competition with the zen of reaching the flow status in a video game, and we can barely expect the world of this phenomenon With the publication of OllioliLi World this winter to show.

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Simon Bennett, co-CEO of Roll7, said: Private Division was an incredible publishing partner for Elliott s World, and we are thrilled to continue to grow as a studio as part of the label. Private division has enabled our great team to put the bar for our creativity and our scope for OlliLioli World higher. The accession to the label puts us in a great position to continue to grow and achieve our goal of becoming an outstanding global video game developer.

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