Pok mon Diamond Perl Fan crafts to celebrate the remakes impressive paper

Can you still remember how you spied out for the first time the two-leaf village in the Singh region? It s been fifteen years that it took our in the original releases of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the first time there. Now the new editions Radiant Diamond and Pearl Bright for the switch are at the door. A fan has taken this as a reason for an art project, which is to remind the community to their arrival at the first village of the Games. We ll tell you more about it.

project to celebrate the remakes

This is what: On November 19, appear bright Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Bright. The two remakes let us explore the Singh region in a new light on the switch. That inspired a fan to a special art project: UMA has crafted an impressive paper diorama of the two-leaf village.

So would the fan, as reported kotaku.com, awaken nostalgic feelings in the community and remember how it was to enter the village at that time on the DS. The small town occurred in the fourth Pokémon generation for the first time and represents the starting point of the Games.

In this video you can check out the work on view Diorama and admire the finished work of art:

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So consuming the project was

It is based on a Styrofoam plate on which the fan house, trees and even home-made characters has set. Most is made of paper, and especially a lot of effort has gone into the flora. Two leaf village is surrounded by trees, all of which were assembled in time-intensive work from different layers of paper. Overall, it should be all the 51 trees (!).

The rustic charm of the houses caused by brown paper, UMA has rolled to imitate wooden beams. These small elements are made of real wood. Also gardens, paths and pond creates the fan. In the end, he peopled his miniature village with characters and Pokémon.

Whole 60 hours to have worked on the project UMA. This is not little, but some of us would probably still need much longer — or rather desperately abandoned. The fan has, however, already point to experience already with projects like this and can be a miniature of Pallet Town.

As you enjoy the two-leaf village miniature and finds her work was worth it?

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