Tomorrow s World of Warcraft Classic

The World Warcraft Classic seasonal server will start tomorrow, November 17 in the morning! Blizzard therefore announced what changes the Season of Masters will introduce in relation to the original production. What can you expect?

Heroes below 60 levels will receive a BUFFY Adventure Awaits, which increases Exp from Question by 40%, and also provides an additional bonus for experience for tasks marked as a group or dungeon.

World Buffy during raids will not be available, but for these limits of buffs and buffers for purposes will be abolished. Therefore, you do not have to limit! The Looking For Group with Burning Crusade Classic also came to this version of the game, and also improved people s chatting.

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In addition, the opponents of RAID, and in some Dungeons, were overclocked. This applies not only to bosses, but also accompanying ordinary mobs. An example is, for example, onyx s Lair and Molten Core, where it will be harder. At the same time, there will be temporarily immune for SNARE effects in such Rathole.

For this mining and herbalism will be easier, because appropriate raw materials will be significantly more often in Zeroth. PVP fans will appreciate that Battleground War song Gulch, Marathi Basin and Alter ac Valley will be available from the beginning of the Season of Mastery.

All changes can be found here. Blizzard reminds that after the Season of Mastery you will be able to transform your character on the World of Warcraft Classic servers for free, and also emphasizes that the above changes are not final and developers can still overclock.

Are you planning to play World of Warcraft Classic — Season of Mastery?

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