Pok mon Go Problems Server Down No compensation for lost items

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Pokémon Go was down, on 16 November 2021, partly to the limelight hour, which between 18:00 and 19:00 clock with increased spawns of Che last and the double amount of star dust for catching Pokémon Lured. Only: Is Pokémon Go down or affected by a disturbance, then there is no limelight hour — in the case have fallen the last 15 minutes.

This is annoying for the people who have scrutinized for the mini-event smoke and rigid pieces, for example, to maximize their success at the limelight hour. The reaction of the developers of Pokémon Go now falls out a bit sobering.

Pokémon Go is down and no one compensates for you

What exactly causes the failure of the Ni antic servers, no one knows exactly. According to a Spiegel report, it was not only disturbances at Pokémon Go, but also with Spotify, eBay, Discord, Snapchat and ultimately the website of the mirror itself. They were already resolved by the collateral of the Google Cloud Services, But the players of Pokémon Go are still annoyed.

Shortly after the end of the limelight hour in Europe, the employees of Ni antic tweeted that they apologize for the downtime of Pokémon Go, and thank you for the patience of the fans.

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And the lost shiny?

But still comes up with the question: What is with the started and the problems broken off the spoken light hour? Players just ask if they get invested smoke and rigid pieces, and in individual cases, the Support employees of Ni antic have already responded to appropriate tweets.

Whether there will be a replacement limelight hour, is not known so far. And also the people who were busy with Pokémon Go with other games, such as catching a Shiny Cecelia is likely to be empty — With luck, a Raid pass will be reimbursed.

No, Pokémon Go Can't Read Your Email
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