To delete memory data in Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Thomas Cunliffe

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Some things are set in stone, once they have been selected Pokémon Brilliant diamond and pearl gloss, such as gender and name your character, the name of your rivals and which have chosen starter Pokémon you. If you want to change one of them or simply just looking for a fresh start, we have put together a guide on how to do it Delete memory data in Pokémon Diamond and Brilliant Shining Pearl.

To delete memory data in Pokémon Diamond or Brilliant Shining Pearl

To delete your stored data in Pokémon Brilliant Diamante or Pokémon Shiny Perl, follow these steps:

How to delete save data in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and start a new game

Open the Nintendo Switch Home menu and press the X button to close your open software.
Open the System Settings; the gear icon in the bottom of the Home menu.
Scroll to go down to data management.
Scroll, Delete memory data to find until the end of Data Management. If not already done, you will be asked to close your software before proceeding.

Select Memory Data Delete and confirm.

After you have completed these steps, save your data in Pokémon Brilliant Diamante or Pokémon Shiny Perl is cleared, and the game will be how to start when first opened. Deleted Scores can not be retrieved, so choose carefully before you opt for a new adventure. If you want to start a new save file without losing the old, read on.

If you decide to reset your memory, please visit our guide to rapid advancement in Brilliant Diamond and Pearl Shining to catch up there where you left off!

We know that Pokémon DSP have multiple saved games?

Although you can not have multiple memory files in the same user profile, You can store several files have Pokémon Brilliant Diamante or Glazed Perl on the same Nintendo Switch system. Each profile has access to its own storage file provided, the Nintendo Switch currently has a Pokémon Diamond Brilliant or Shining inserted Pearl game card or at least a different profile has downloaded the game or games.

Select Simply opening of Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Brilliant Shining Pearl another profile. You can create new users by going to the System Settings to User section and the Add User option. Note that Nintendo can not use that other profiles use on your Nintendo Switch their own Nintendo account and online functions, unless this particular account has an active subscription.

Pokémon Diamond and Brilliant Pear I am now available for Nintendo Switch.

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