FC Bayern Reveal Manutd failed with 160 million

In his time at FC Bayern Munich between 2009 and 2011, Louis van Goal was considered one of Thomas Müllers largest conveyors. Under his responsibility, the self-generation developed for the parent and international, has become indispensable since the German record champion. Twice, however, Louis van Goal had almost succeeded in making Müller from Munich.

As image reporter Christian Fall recently revealed, the Dutchman during his term as a team manager at Manchester United have tried twice stubbornly stubborn to lure his favorite player Müller to the English record champion.

Both in the summer of 2014 and in the summer of 2015, the Red Devils were therefore on the Bavaria star. While in the World Champion Summer 2014 the board of FC Bayern should have advanced a latch quickly for sale, it was very concrete one year later.

More than 100 million euros, Manchester United wanted to put on the table for Müller at the time, to pay him an annual salary of 20 million euros. Man united BOSS Ed Woodward, according to the report, should have agreed to a transfer volume of a total of 160 million euros.

Van Persie describes treatment by Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United.
Müller brought already 29 titles with FC Bayern

According to the picture reporters, the mega-deal was not concluded, not at the two clubs from Manchester and Munich or on the player itself. It was instead Müllers wife Lisa, which in the English Premier League in the English Premier League Last instance prevented.

Van Goal later acknowledged Fall that a change would have been possible in 2015, if his wife had been a bit more open to a transfer to foreign countries. At least that was the reason Thomas to my assistant Marcel Bout, who was all Talked to him, given why the transfer had been rejected.

Finally, the deal with man united, Müller extended his working papers at the German industry prime for another two times and looks back on the meantime 29 titles with FC Bayern — Absolute record for a German football player.

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