LG Smart TV I enjoy Josasanau without a game machine

LG Smart TV has been able to enjoy streaming games without a game machine.

LG Electronics said on the 21st that Computing NVIDIA has signed a smart TV content partnership contract. LG Smart TV starts the cloud game streaming platform Josassanau service through Web OS (Webs). LG Electronics is aiming to speed up TV content competitiveness in front of the Reader Software Platform Web OS.

Cosign is a game streaming platform for NVIDIA, which can enjoy PC games installed on the cloud server remotely. If you connect only compatible controllers, you can easily enjoy the game that you could enjoy on a high-performance PC. Guardians of Galaxy, Crisis, including the latest games such as Crisis Li master Trilogy, offers more than one PC game worldwide.

In the TV industry, it is the first LG Electronics to mount the Oppose or service in the TV industry. Customers using the 4K (3,840×2,160) resolution of 4K (3,840×2,160) resolutions released this year in over 80 countries around the world (web OS 6.0 model), and customers with the Cancel TV (Web OS 6.0 Mounting Model) are available. You can download the Gimping dedicated app in the LG Content Store in the TV home screen.

NVIDIA is currently providing a beta service of Capos NAU on smart TV. It is a policy that starts a formal service in the near future. Customers can enjoy the game in the beta service and enjoy the same game as formal services.

LG Electronics continues to continue the service and content of smart TV based on the outstanding openness and accessibility of the Web OS.

For example, a free broadcasting service LG channel, which provides 1,900 channels in 25 countries around the world, is representative. It is widely collaborated with OUT companies at home and abroad. In the Alleged Gallery app, it is not only possible to admire a variety of art works around the world.

How to access HIDDEN/region specific apps on LG TV
Along Sung-hyun said, We will continue to continue the various services and content that considers customers preference, and deliver differentiated user experience of LG TV beyond existing TV viewing experience.

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