Announced the board game the lord of the rings

A new SeƱor of the rings The board game will arrive soon, which recreates one of the most iconic fights of the ring. Game workshop, better known as the editor of Warhammer 40,000, recently announced fatally in the tomb of Basin, A Skip Table Game for two or more players. The game is launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ring, the first of the winning movie trilogy of an Oscar by Peter Jackson. Fatally in the tomb of Basin recreates the famous battle between the community, a group of goblins and an infamous troll of the caverns in the depths of Mines mines. Fatally in the tomb of Basin includes miniatures of the nine members of the community, a miniature of a troll of the caverns and 12 Goblins of Moria. It is not clear what are the exact rules for the game, but it seems to use specialized dice that determine successes and errors, along with each character that has some type of personalized card (which probably means statistics and personalized skills for names with name).

Time Taller game is best known for its long duration Warhammer games, they also publish a miniature skirmish game based on Mrs. Game of Battle of Earths strategy Media uses a variation of Warhammer rules, although much more simplified and focused on individual heroes that can do much more damage than generic base soldiers. The game has been in continuous production since 2001, with almost all good and bad features in the middle land receiving at least some representation in the game. Although smaller than Warhammer 40,000, Middle Earth Strategy Battle Set still has a number of decent followers in tournaments.

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The price has not been announced or the release date of FATALLY in the Basin tomb, but Games Workshop has announced that it will be available for the Christmas season. It is likely that the game will serve as an independent game and as a large entrance door to jump to the biggest world of the Battle of Earth Media.

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