How to get Spiritomb in Bright diamond Pok mon and shining pearl Pok mon

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After a long wait, Bright diamond Pokémon and shining pearl Pokémon finally launched into Nintendo Switch. These are full remakes of the original Diamond and Pearl games launched at Game Boy and come with improved graphics, as well as several improvements in the quality of life and changes in the game that helps the general experience more fluid. Here is How to get Spirit in Bright diamond Pokémon and Pokémon gleaming pearl.

Get Spirit in Bright Diamond Pokémon and Pokémon Flutter Pearl

First, you will need an element called ODD Keystone, and here we have a guide that details how to get it and use it. Basically, you can get the odd angular stone of an NPC on Route 208 and then go to Route 209 to use it in the Sacred Tower.

After that, use the Explorer Kit to reach the Great Underground and talk to 32 coaches to activate the Sacred Tower and Generate Spirit. This can be a bit complicated, especially because the generation locations of coaches in the Great Underground seem to be quite unpredictable.

You can also connect to the Great Underground through an Internet connection and talk with another 32 players instead, and that will also count for the requirement.

Anyway, once you have spoken with 32 coaches, he returns to the Sacred Tower and interacts with her, which will trigger a meeting with Spirit. Make sure you save your game before doing this, in case you can not capture it.

Spirit is a hybrid Pokémon of Ghost and Dark Type, which means it is mainly weak in fairy-type movements. You want to avoid using normal-type Pokémon, fight or psychic against him, since they will have no effect, but any movement out of that will work well.

That’s all you need to know How to get Spirit in Bright Diamond Pokémon and Pokémon Slitting Pearl. Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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