Godot Engine obtains AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

The totally free and open resource Godot Engine lately had support for AMD Fidelity Super Resolution merged into the code, ready for the next large release. A remarkable instance of open source technology meeting with each other..

What is Fidelity Super Resolution (FSR)? In other words: an elegant upscale. FSR permits you to reduce the providing resolution as well as have FSR improve it up to a higher resolution, offering you a clear picture. The result is that you ought to see far better efficiency than simply making use of the indigenous resolution — something 4K users appear rather satisfied concerning.

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Тест AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution в двух играх и небольшое сравнение с DLSS.
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It’s not completely ended up yet for Godot, with a number of tweaks intended ahead in one more merge demand, yet it’s pretty-much all there. So hopefully this means we will certainly see a lot of Godot games launch with support for it. This major function is most likely to find with Godot 4.0, which is the huge one drawing in Vulcan support and also a revamped making system.

In various other video game dev information: AMD FSR plugin for Unreal Engine is online now as well. So we’re at some point visiting a wonderful bump in the amount of video games with it supported.

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