How to use the friendship tester and increase friendship in Pok mon Bright diamond and Pok mon gleaming pearl

Pokémon Diamond Variation and also Pokémon Variation Bead, a lot more commonly called Pokémon Diamond and also Pokémon Pearl (·, Loretto Most Daiiyamondo Part), are 2 pieces of the Pokémon role computer game collection, created by Game Freak. They are edited by Nintendo on the Nintendo DS Portable Console, Japan in 2006, The United States And Canada, Australia as well as Europe in 2007. As in all previous versions, the player regulates the main personality of an airborne sight. It intends to catch, train and also combat fictitious animals called Pokémon in order to obtain the title of Master Pokémon. The video games obtained excellent evaluations of computer game evaluations, and also sold around 17 million duplicates.

The evolution of Pokémon depends on several factors, including his state of happiness. It is an attribute that can increase by participating with them in certain activities, although there is no way to know how much it has increased or decreased unless you know where to look. Here is How to use the friendship tester in Bright diamond Pokémon and Pokémon gleaming pearl.

For those who do not know, as is the case of most Po ketch applications, they will receive the friendship tester as part of the main history of the game after their arrival in Eternal City. Get it entering the Pokémon center and talking to the woman in the middle of the room. Then, the application will be added to your POETIC device.

How to use the friendship tester in Pokémon Bright diamond and Pokémon gleaming pearl

Open your Poke tech device by pressing R, then go to the FRIENDSHIP Checker application. Then you will see all the Pokémon of your group moving on the small screen, and you will notice that you can move the cursor to pass the cursor over them.

If you do this while holding up, you will leave hearts of the Pokémon on which you are floating, and the number of hearts you see basically determine your level of happiness. The more hearts, happier your Pokémon is.

Of course, in your turn, you can have a better idea of ​​how close each Pokémon is evolving at its next way.

You must bear in mind that you will only see the Pokémon of your group on the screen of the application, which means that if you want to check your level of friendship with a Pokémon that you have dropped into a box, you will have to place it in your group. Beforehand.

How to increase friendship

There are several ways to increase your level of friendship with a Pokémon, which include:

On foot or by bicycle. Since friendship increases every 200 steps approximately, it can accelerate the process by mounting a bicycle.
Use a relaxing bell, which duplicates friendship points. You can find one in the Pokémon mansion along Route 212.
Visit the masseuse in Hailstone City and give a massage to your Pokémon.

How to Check Friendship Levels in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

This should give you everything you need to know How to use the friendship tester in Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl. To get more tips and guides useful about The game, be sure to consult our Wiki guide. You should also see content related below that may be useful.

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