Pok mon Go Special Spotlight

Today, on November 26, 2021, Pokemon Go starts the new Hoop event and make a special limelight hour with Reiterate for this occasion. We from Mango show you what that is for an event and whether it is worthwhile for you.

What an event is? In Pokémon Go today the mysterious Pokémon Hoop celebrates its release in the unleashed form. These takes place a special Hoop event. Of course, the Schabernback is not missing, which is typical of this monster, which is why it will give special limits hours today and in the coming days.

As you know it from the weekly ramp light hour, a specific Pokémon will be the focus again today and spread more frequently during this hour. However, there will be a special bonus for this, because the Hoop event itself already brings you a candy and EP bonus.

You will meet in today’s spotlight hour on the Pokémon Reiterate, in its original canto form.

Spotlight hour with reiterate — start and bonuses


When will the ramp light hour take place? This special limelight hour starts today, on November 26, 2021, at 12:00 o’clock local time. You then have one hour to secure you as many reiterate as possible until the event ends at 13:00 local time again.

There are special bonuses? An additional bonus, especially for the limelight hour, is unfortunately not today. As you used it from others of these events, you will meet in this time everywhere on wild reiterate. Through a smoke you can also attract more specimens.

Nevertheless, you would not have to do without a bonus, because the Hoop event already holds two peculiarities for you. On the one hand, your duplicate EP gets you while catching Pokémon and on the other hand you get double sweets for sending.

Are there shiny-rattfratz? Yes, with a little luck, you meet a dazzling copy. You recognize it on his greenish body.

Worth the ramp light hour with Reiterate?

It’s so strong: Reiterate is a 1st generation Pokemon of the type normal. It can be further developed into rattier. However, his values ​​are rather bad and rattier can not score with his values. Both monsters are not suitable for Raids or the PVP league.

Worth the ramp night lesson? Reiterate is currently worthwhile for Shiny Hunters, because these are fully on their costs. Who is looking for a strong Pokémon, is probably not found in the ramp light hour. As a strong attacker or for PVP struggles, this monster is not more suitable.

However, the ramp light hour is worthwhile in combination with the EP bonus. So that EP is still missing on the way to level 50, which can use this short event and collect some additional experience points.

Do you take part in the special light hour today? Or do you prefer the EP bonus on one of the other days? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

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